Inspired By Patrycja Oosthuizen

OCCUPATION: Founder And Host of #TravelChatSA

Please sum up what inspires your purpose and ignites your passion? 
Doing life! Family, friends, people and their stories, moments and memories, travel and destinations. Simply Life!

How do you know its time to let go or to keep holding on?  
When you no longer enjoy what you doing it's time to move on. You keep holding on when you feel in your hear that it is right, you find energy to do it and you want to do it.

What particularly nourishes and revives you? 
Family time - precious moments which we all should appreciate more and create opportunities to create more of those memories. Family gives your strength and keeps you alive!

What’s been your best experience in life so far? 
All the traveling I've done. Places I've visited and people I've met.

What soulful and insightful lessons has travel taught you about life?
Well, traveling has given me tons of great lessons, that shaped me and I will never forget them. This is what I learned: live in the moment, appreciate people and listen to their stories, don't judge, value simple things in life any many many more.

What would you do if you could act without fear of shame?  
Hmmm fist thing come to mind is be more brave and skydive :)

Is there a place that you want everyone to visit at least once and why? 
Visit Africa, visit South Africa. It's a land of passion, love, such great history and vibrant culture - you will learn a lot!

If there was just one line you could say to help and inspire people the world over, what would you say? 
"Taking time off to live life will only inspire your work."

For what in your life do you feel most grateful? 
Again my family and friends and all the people I met in my life - they all contributed to who I am now. I am very grateful!

Quote one of your favourite movie lines:  
“There’s no place like home” From “The Wizard of Oz”.

Finish of the sentence: “Travel is...  the only thing you buy that makes you richer".

What is your favourite:

Hostel, Hotel or other:  O on Kloof Boutique Hotel & Spa in Cape Town - warm and personalised hospitality; Schoon Oordt in Swellendam and Hog Hollow in Plattenberg Bay.

Favourite Wine:  I love Groot Constantia Wines.

Favourite Dish:  Some people might say it's boring but Chicken Caesar Salad and everything Sea Food:)

Favourite Restaurant:  Restaurant at Close Malverne - its Lovely and food is amazing.

Favourite Country:  Poland my Home country and South Africa my second Home.

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